Free Quotation by KRIS_IV - Free Quotation by KRIS_IV -
Free Quotation by KRIS_IV
Free Quotation by KRIS_IV


This plugin give you possibility to customize your website in WordPress environmental. Do you wan show some information, quotation or other regularly in small widget?

The main destiny of this plugin is showing quotation on your website. It’s means that you should provide this plugin with content to show it on your website. But you know, that not always you have good content. Sometimes you doesn’t have time to save information (quotation) in plugin. In this moment you can use one of automatic quotation systems Which I add to this Free Quotation plugin.

If you want add your privet quotation you can use one of two methods:

* Add manually new quotation by ‚Add Free Quotation’ page where you see last 10 added quotation.
* Add a lot of quotation in one time by ‚Add CSV’ page, where you should prepare special CSV file in accordance with the roles (I present it ‚Add CSV’ plugin page)

If you want use automatic quotation system you can select one from the list:

* Wikiquote EN ( – Quote of the day)
* Wikiquote ES ( – Cita del día)
* Wikiquote DE ( – Zitat der Woche)
* Wikicytaty PL ( – Cytat dnia)
* Викицитатник RU (Заглавная_страница – Избранная цитата)

If you want use all time your motto, you can use option „Use one standard quotation” and define this Motto in your ‚FQ settings’ page.